You’re Destination for the Latest Trends in Genuine Leather Jackets

Fad Leather is a growing online store that has gained a solid reputation for offering clients high-quality leather jackets at affordable prices. A group of youthful jacket fans enjoy fashionable and elegant coats and are committed to making these jackets affordable for others. The team at Fad Leather has a thorough awareness of the most recent trends in the genuine leather jacket industry since they are real jacket fans themselves. They work hard to stay on top of these trends by providing the newest and trendiest collections of jackets and other upper garments that match any style or attitude.

Customer Satisfaction is Always Our Top Priority

Our team never compromises on the quality of its products. Unlike many other online retailers that only make this claim, Fad Leather truly follows through on it by producing all of its leather lines from the finest raw materials and most talented designers. The team takes great delight in each item they manufacture, considering each one as a work of art and making sure that buyers receive the most for what they pay.

How We Manage To Deliver Pure Perfection & Satisfaction Every Time:

Finest Materials For Finest Jackets

Our journey begins by acquiring the best raw materials the current industry has to offer because we know better than anyone else that our customers only deserve the best. When we say genuine leather jackets, you best believe they are made with genuine or full grain natural leather because we know some prefer one or the other!

Unrivaled Craftsmanship

Finest materials are wasted in incapable hands. Luckily, every one of our craftsmen is not just skilled, but they are talented at designing and producing the jackets you are looking for. We don’t use chain production methods because we believe the personal touch is a must-requirement to offer our customers the best leather jackets in the business.

Value for Your Money

At Fad Leather, we believe product price heavily contributes to the total customer experience. That’s why it’s our guarantee and challenge that you won’t find better prices for trendy, quality jackets elsewhere other than Fad Leather! Just buy here pay here and enjoy.

Sizes for Everyone

We hate nothing more than making our valued customers feel left out. To ensure that never happens when shopping with us, you will always find the perfect size available for the leather jacket that you just fell in with. So, shop at Fad Leather with nothing to worry about!

Go Crazy with Our Design-It-Yourself

We fully understand it’s impossible to have everything that our customers expect of us and to cater to even those situations, we offer custom services where you get to tell us how to design and craft the jacket you want.

Our Roots

We have the benefit of having access to the best raw materials known for their remarkable quality because our warehouse is located Rua Domingos Parente 247, Portugal. Every jacket we manufacture satisfies the highest standards of craftsmanship and authenticity due to our commitment to sourcing domestically.

Global Reach

Great fashion, in our opinion, has no limitations. Because of this, Fad Leather is committed to distributing its superb items to customers all around the world. No matter where you are, enjoying our expertly produced jackets is now simpler than ever thanks to our free delivery policy that applies to the entire world.

The Fad Leather Promise

More than just a name, Fad Leather is a representation of excellence, fashion, and innovation. Every jacket is proof of our everlasting dedication to excellence. Every item we produce embodies the essence of American craftsmanship blended with the flair artistry owing to our Portugal. registered company.

Crafted in Portugal

Our products are made in Portugal by talented craftsmen who put their expertise and affection into each stitch. The combination of traditional techniques and modern aesthetic sensibility produces jackets that are not only on-trend but also show specialization and devotion.


Is it still fashionable for men to wear leather jackets?

Leather jackets for men couldn’t be more IN STYLE right now! And probably, they are going to remain a popular fashion wear for a long to come since vintage is considered cool nowadays. Their fashion appeal is safe from the negative effects of time and with their unique, rebellious appeal, charisma, and vibe, we all feel better just by wearing them. From café racer jackets and bomber leather jackets to faux leather jackets and genuine leather blazers, everything is still very much the ongoing trend!

What are some of the places to buy leather jackets?

If you are looking for the best value for your money, then no one does full-grain and genuine leather jackets better than Fad Leather!

Are genuine leather jackets worth it?

Some people wonder if it’s worth it to buy real leather jackets since they are so expensive. Given the life of branded leather jackets and how much style they add to your look, buying one is absolutely worth it. The best part is, the older it gets, and the better it looks. One genuine jacket can easily last you a few years at the very least! Just make sure to take good care of it.